Leadership 101

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Leadership 101

The Leadership 101 program is about the “business of leadership.” While many organizations struggle to find leaders that have core interpersonal skills, still more have technicians in leadership roles who have difficulty working with peers, across matrix structures, and in sharing business vision with their stakeholders. At a fundamental level, all leaders have a need to be strong in planning, organizing, and decision-making – but they must do this in conjunction with others in order to be successful.

Are you ready to take that next step? Do you want to get noticed and selected for a leadership position?  How can you develop the effective leadership skills required from confident leaders?

You are a manager in your company and you are stepping into a new leadership role. So what is your leadership style? What leadership qualities do you already have? How can your motivate your team including “difficult” people? What makes a great leader?

This leadership programme is uniquely designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for their new challenges and responsibilities. You’ll discover the heart, soul and mind of true leadership.  Through role-playing, self-assessment tests and other leadership training scenarios, you’ll explore leadership roles as a strategist, change agent, coach, manager, communicator, mentor and team member. And you’ll learn how to develop your unique leadership style for maximum impact.

Main Features of Leadership 101

  • Maximize effectiveness by understanding, evaluating and changing your autopilot patterns
  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your autopilot leadership patterns and your impact on others
  • You will understand different leadership styles and that you can use different approaches in different situations.
  • Build practical skills required to positively impact people at every level of an organization.
  • Develop the six Achiever core competencies of exceptional leaders.
  • Reduce ineffective behaviours that hold you back from achieving your leadership potential.
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Understand your personality, your motivations, and how your results affect others.
  • Grow your self-confidence as a leader to gain commitment from your team.
  • Create an action plan that enhances and sustains your leadership skills and effectiveness.
  • Improve ability to increase resilience and overcome obstacles
  • Learn how to build and maintain relationships through conflict
  • Improve ability to increase resilience and overcome obstacles
  • Learn how to build and maintain relationships through conflict

What is the Course Benefit?

  • Understand what a leader is…and is not
  • Project a more dynamic image
  • Discover your own unique leadership style
  • Determine which leadership attributes you already possess
  • Apply lessons learned through leadership training to take on your first leadership position with greater confidence
  • Get noticed by learning how to look and talk like a leader
  • Find out what people expect and respect in a leader
  • Apply lessons learned through leadership training to refine your skills in gaining and using power and influence positively
  • Learn how to motivate a team, including “difficult people” with leadership 101 summary


What is the target audience?

  • Any manager who needs leadership training to step into a leadership role or who is about to take on a new leadership assignment.
  • This program is well-suited to supervisors, managers and mid-level managers who have have a need to enhance decision-making, complete planning and create buy-in to initiatives. High potentials and emerging leaders also benefit.


Introduction & Objectives

The Course Explained
Identifying your Audience
18 questions
Transitional leadership
Visionary leadership
Situational leadership

Leadership and Communication

Habits of Highly Effective Communicators
Different kinds of communication
Features of communication.
Verbal & non-verbal communication
The art of listening
Conducting effective meetings

Leadership and Problem-Solving

Problem solving steps
Identifying the problem
Techniques for developing alternatives
Getting consensus
The leader as a problem solver

Leadership and Management

Authority vs. Responsibility
Delegation and Acceptance
Roles and relationships
The manager as a leader
Being a leader: Bridging the gap

Leadership and Coaching

The coaching cycle
Coaching for performance
Managing people issues

Leadership and Team Building

Team building process
Essential building blocks for teams
The POPCI fundamentals for effective teams- Purpose, Organization, Process, Culture & Influence
Dealing with internal and external politics
The Team Leader as a facilitator, mediator & negotiator
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Program Experience

— March 2020

This 2-day professional development program is an in-depth, group-live, and highly-participatory learning experience with practical take-home value. 



  • Through the Leadpoint Assessment quiz, obtain confidential 360-degree feedback from your associates that provides personal and practical insights for how to improve your leadership and management style.


  • Get personal.Building relationships is paramount to great leadership. Throughout the entire session you will enhance your skills by interacting with participating leaders and getting in-the-moment coaching


  • Go deep.Great leaders know themselves extremely well. During the program, we develop “Level-Three” change – the core of who you are and why you behave the way you do. We create deep learning for a lasting effect. 


  • Have fun.People commit to what they enjoy. Leadpoint Foundation has used “fun” to promote learning and build happier and more productive leaders. 


  • Receive feedback.Honest feedback improves self-awareness. Not only does the Leadpoint Foundation Personality Profile reveal how you view yourself, but how others perceive you. Within the framework of the Leadership 101 model you will gain a greater understanding of your leadership style as compared to the best leaders in the world. 


  • Drive results.Great organizations produce great results. By the conclusion of the program, you will have developed an actionable plan to build your leadership skills and enhance your personal effectiveness.


  • Implement the action plan that you develop during the program.
  • Take advantage of optional, one-on-one coaching.

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