High Impact Leadership

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high impact leadership

High Impact Leadership

In high impact leadership online course, You will Learn which attributes are most critical to creating a high-performance work environment that will drive financial results and at the same time accelerate sustainable, profitable growth.

Today, more than ever, shaping how an organization ticks and how employees function are within are top priorities. High Impact leadership program, you and your team will morph from managers of yesterday’s modes to leaders who inspire, energize and innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges. This is the second phase of the leadership journey after Leadership 101

Tasked with creating value while managing change, today’s leaders need to tackle complicated problems in innovative ways. Built on the largest performance study ever conducted, this course will teach you the theories and tools needed to create a high-performance work environment that drives financial results and innovation.

Throughout the High Impact Leadership online course, you will learn the behaviours that accelerate or stifle high performance, the techniques that create a collaborative work environment, and the tools that build performance drivers. Interactive exercises and discussion will reveal whether your own behaviours are encouraging the right environment or discouraging it.

This leadership program will help to develop plans to improve your team and create a place where people can seize opportunities, take risks, and generate new ideas.

Course Outcome (high impact leadership online course)

  • Techniques for creating positive work habits, attitudes and environments that inspire innovation
  • Compelling tactics for developing a heightened drive to achieve through laser focus and taking charge
  • Emotional intelligence and communication skills that build trust and mutual respect
  • adjust your leadership and followership styles to the requirements of the team and the situation
  • Strategies and tools for concentrating on goals, even while optimistically adapting to change
  • reflect critically on your own leadership style in order to enhance your effectiveness as a leader
  • construct written work that is logically and professionally presented, and well argued.
  • Lead a review  process through which a team can reflect on, and learn from, its performance on a particular

Course Objective (high impact leadership online course)?

  • Conveyed their vision in an engaging manner to those with a different style of communication.
  • Enhanced their strategic thinking and business plans to create future success.
  • Identified ways they can enhance their personal focus and style of leadership to create better business outcomes.
  • Utilised techniques that can create higher employee engagement and performance levels.

What is the target audience?

This high impact leadership development programme will benefit mid- to senior-level managers and executives who create value for their organizations. The program provides techniques for encouraging an environment necessary to sustain long-term, profitable growth. Titles include innovation leader, change manager, senior project manager, operations manager, mid- to senior-level manager, director, vice president, and C-suite.


Introduction to High-Performance Leadership

The Course Explained
Identifying your Audience
18 questions

After Intro

Habits of Highly Effective Communicators
Different kinds of communication
Features of communication.
Explore familiar leadership styles and the correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors
Identify and enable top performers

The Tenets of a High-Performance Environment

Explore how good leaders manage change
Learn how to optimize thinking during change
Discover the power of the 20/60/20 rule, unspeakable subjects, and making loud statements of change

Leadership: Encouraging a High-Performance Environment

Explore familiar leadership styles and the correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors

Respectful Communication

Communicate to encourage high performance
Discuss the key concepts of communication that allow thinking to thrive

Building a High-Performance Environment

Learn from each other’s experiences and brainstorm new ideas
Implement quick wins to take back and begin implementing immediately

Influence and Collaboration: Negotiation

Become a more effective negotiator
Prepare for negotiations and everyday influence situations
Practice and improve influence and collaboration skills

Discover Your Strengths

Take the LeadpointStrengths profile to discover your strengths
Leverage your personal strengths to lead transformational change

Critical Thinking and Consensus: Decision-Making

Importance of group process dynamics
Pitfalls and benefits of team decision making
Explore the elements of team processes for making decisions

Celebrating Heroes

Recognize and celebrate heroes within the company
Craft real-life examples
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High Impact Leadership Course

— 12 April 2020

What You’ll Learn

Discover the 5 Drivers of Leadership Success and master an 8-Step Planning process that enables you to define and align performance goals. Learn to recognize the potential in others and effective coaching techniques to help them realize their goals. Explore processes for driving innovation and delegating to match talent to task.

Why you want to learn it

Leaders who demonstrate certain principles create an environment where employees are motivated, not forced, to bring their best to work. Certain principles strengthen teamwork and trust, leading to a more cohesive, creative and constructive workforce. You’ll gain the skills to motivate teams, and what can be more valuable than that?

How it will help you

  1. You will maximize your own performance, become a stronger leader, and add more value to the organization. Become a champion leader who strategically aligns organizational objectives with individual development goals so that both roads lead to breakthrough performance.

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