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Developing yourself as a leader is one of the most important feature to achieve anything in life. It is very important to be present to people.

One of the most important factor of leadership is time management.

Today, organizations and individuals alike need a compass with which to set a course that is true and that they can believe in no matter what. We need to develop extraordinary people.

As an extraordinary leaders, one has to learn how to coach, support and motivate their team members well. If leaders don’t take the time to support their team members and ensure their professional needs are being met, all other efforts are futile. And to execute that effectively, the leaders themselves have to belief and be willing to
continuous learning and improvement activities.

So how to make A Extra ordinary Leader?

We need to reflect a progressive continuity throughout the leadership development road map, names of each coherent module are coined to reflect a journey of advancement. It starts with a typical What Makes a Leader and then advances to What Makes an Extraordinary leader. This could take time, but as we all know life is a journey.

It maybe difficult in developing yourself as a leader but to achieve something this quality is important,

Unordered & Ordered Lists

Three methods management groups can use to build a model of competencies that they agree should drive leadership or key roles in the organization

  • Agree on which characteristics are most important in the company
  • Which ones would have the most devastating impact if missing?Not too specific, not too broad
  • What would leadership look like?  How would you know if someone was showing leadership?
  • Decide on key requirements for the role
  • What attributes/skills will enable this person to perform these roles in an outstanding manner?
  • Linkage Charts
  • Think concretely about whom they see as top performers in these key roles and then keep a picture of them in mind
  • What are top performers doing differently than average/bottom performers?
  • What motivates them?  What makes them outstanding?

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